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About the Sadagolthina Gothic font

Sadagolthina is an elegant font for Gothic. I designed it in 1997 when Gothic was encoded in the UCS, taking into account comments made by Sydney Fairbanks and F. P. Magoun, Jr. in 1940 ("On Writing and printing Gothic" in Speculum 15:313-330).

Sadagolthina has OpenType support for the combining diaeresis used on the letters EIS and WINJA, as well as the combining macron above and below used with all letters when they have a numeric value. A QWERTY-based keyboard layout for Mac OS X is also included; Gothic is invoked when capslock is on.

Sadagolthina is named for the birthplace of Ulfila, Sadagolþina.

Sadagolthina is shareware. You can pay your €10.00 shareware fee easily by Paypal:

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